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FREE initial consultation

ip-hypnotherapy offers you a FREE no-obligation initial consultation for all your enquiries and therapy needs!

If you would like to refer a friend/family member/colleague or even your next door neighbour!

You could benefit from a FREE session!

Refer a Friend & Claim a FREE Session

ip-therapy on Facebook!

You can now become a member of the ip-hypnotherapy group on facebook. Join the interactive community and talk with other clients, supporters and hypnotherapists. AND benefit from exclusive offers!


* Please note: conditions apply. Please contact for more information.

Personal Breakthrough Sessions

Now offering NLP specialist Personal Breakthrough Sessions; help to improve your life and achieve your goals!


Sign up for FREE Stress Relief tips!


10% off your first session

 Book now and you can claim your 10% discount off your first session, if booked with your FREE initial consultation.

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